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Ağrı made a crossing as the tribes had come from Middle Asia so that it has became a scene for lots of civilizations, But these civilizations accepted Ağrı as an entrance therefore they couldn t organized root civilizations.

Between 1340-1200 BC Hurris settled atthis area as the Hittites which was thought they sovereigned the disticht had lost their power. Hurris couldn t have Ağrı that was far from Urfa which was the center of Kingdom.

Urartians made the rootest civilization, King Ispuini (825-810 BC) started expeditions in the countries which were in the North and the northeast of Lake Van at Urartu Sovereignty and these expeditions increased in the period of King Menua (810-786 BC) . The castles had been founded on the ways of the directions to the North and the northeast, shows that these rAIDShad been planned before, An Urartu inscription was found between Karakoyunlu Village and Taşkıran Village on the slopes of Mount Ağrı was the definite prof of Kral Menua s dominance of this place.

Kimmers that settled accross Kızılırmak made temporary dominant over Ağrı in 712 BC.. Meds (708-555 BC) started to spread as the ruining of Assyrian so they obtained Ağrı and its surroundings.

Persians lived approximately 200 years to the time of BÜyÜk iskender gained the victory against Persian King Darius III. (331 BC) in this place as Meds disaster. Armenians benefited from the die of BÜyÜk iskender obtained the place.

The first Turkish society that come and placed in Middle Anatolian was Sakalar that had come into this place in 680 BC. They placed in Murat River and Artaksıyaslı Kingdom dominated Ağrı and its surrondings This place was conqered by Muslim army at the time of Hz. Osman. Ağrı that had controlled by Abaside till 872, was controlled Byzantine then.

Turkish tribes came into this place after Malazgirt war, Ağrı placed in sökmenli tribes s boundries approximately a century, IN 1027-1225 Ani Atabeks, in 1239 Cengizli tribe, in Ağrı, ilhanlı tribe sometimes had their general meetings in Mount Ağrı and they also managed Anatolia and Iran ,in 1933, Mongol Khan Aksak Timur obtained Ağrı area.

Ağrı had placed in Karakoyunlu tribe s land between 1405-1468 and with the runing of Karakoyunlu tribe, it was dominated by Akkoyunlutribe, Ağrı came into ottoman s possesion after the çaldıran war thec.

ity s name was known as şorbulak but then Armenians changed the name as Karakilise, in the term of Kazım Karabekir pahsa, Karakilise was changed as Karaköse. Mount Ararat and its surroundings have been mentioned in the Torah because of Noah s Ark so Europians called Ağrı as Ararat. Ağrı had become anookin 1834 , atownin 1869 and a city centerin 1927, Ağrı took its name from Mount Ağrı because of being the biggest mount ainof Türkiye (5165m).

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